wind-turbineWind is an invincible resource which can be tapped using wind turbines to form energy. Wind energy has been into the trend for decades, from the ancient wind-driven machines to the advanced electricity-generating resource. Wind turbines generates the energy through wind and provides effectual assistance to wind powered homes.

To make wind powered homes, small wind turbines are generally installed near a building; backyard for example. The turbines harnesses the wind energy and transforms it into electricity.

The concept of energy powered homes is budding in our present era due to various reasons. Its benefits range from environmental sustainability, energy generation to utility bill savings.

How does wind work?

Wind turbine harnesses the energy and converts it into usable electricity.

How big of a wind turbine would I need?

I suggest a 5 kilowatt system with a 15 m tower. I myself have one and this unit produces a significant amount of electricity.

Is a wind turbine loud?

It’s about as loud as a refrigerator running is most cases you can’t hear it at all.

Can I have a wind turbine wherever I live?

This can be tricky. First we would have to check local ordinances and building codes but in most cases the answer is yes.

Is wind electricity just about wind turbine and energy generator?

While most of us think that setting up a wind turbine and generator is all we need to generate electricity for wind powered homes, it’s not how we feel. A complete wind-electric system involves the need for electronic controls, an inverter, transmission wiring and batteries for backup. In addition to this, the house should also have overcurrent protection, metering and several electrical components that ensure safety and smooth performance.

We, the energy home builders in Livingston County, integrate the entire system to generate electricity by using wind energy.