solar-familySolar energy homes are the new big thing when it comes to energy-efficient homes. With the need for saving nature increasing and introduction of local tax incentives, solar green homes are being prioritized by tons of households in the US. In the last decade, the use of solar energy in homes have increased remarkably.

With latest advancements, solar energy is used efficiently to cut down power usage in homes. In the simplest of words, solar panels transform the harnessed sunlight into energy and transmits this energy to the inverter. The inverter transforms this energy to electricity and lights up your home.

The idea of migrating to or building a solar green home raises many doubts among people. You can find the answers to the most common ones here:

How much solar would I need for my home?

1 to 5 kilowatt usually is all a average home needs however you do not need to create all of your energy needs through your solar panels.

What way should my solar panels face?

South is ideal for solar panels, however east can be used but this could mean less power generated.

What is the difference between monocrystal and poloycrystal solar panels?

This is the process in which they are made. Monocrystal is darker in color which absorbs more sun and is a more efficient panel using less sq ft to produce same amount of energy.

solar green homePoloycrystal panels are bluish in color and are harder to make it is a slightly larger panel to their cousins monocrystal.

Is there maintenance involved with solar panels?

There is virtually no maintenance with solar.

Is there any tax incentives that would apply to solar?

Yes there is a 30% federal rebate that applies on the entire cost of your desired system.

Can I install solar panels without professional assistance?

Well, installing solar panels isn’t about slapping the cells on an open area. It demands additional wiring and proper placement. Hence, it is recommended to leave it on the best energy efficient home builders.